Tips for Saving Cost When Self-Publishing a Book


Self-publishing a book can be an expensive venture and one that you are not sure if it will be a success or not. Hence, for most authors who opt to publish themselves, they are always looking for a way to reduce the expenses. However, something to take note when you decide to self-publish is to never compromise on the quality of your production. Below are some guidelines to help you cut the costs and still maintain the quality of your book publish.

The very first stage of editing a book is to proofread and edit it. The cost of hiring an editor can be very high and to a first-time publisher, it may be an expensive experience. Worry not for you can reduce the cost and still get your book edited. The very first thing is that you will need to do much of the proofreading and editing yourself. You can do a research and read several books on editing in order for you to have knowledge of how to do it proficiently. But you will still need another person to go through your work for you in order to be more through. You can be assisted by one of your family members who can read to tell you what the book is all about. However, you should not only rely upon, then alone and that’s why it is important for you to search for a beta reader to help you with your work. Most of them will offer their services for free or will charge you very little service. Moreover, make sure you look for a beta reader who is familiar with your topic and well-read in your genre. You can get them from your network of friends on social media who follow your work closely. Click here on this link for more.

The second way you can reduce your cost is on your cover design. A book is judged by its cover; this saying is true because the cover and title of your book are what will be associated as your brand. To hire a professional designer to design your cover is very expensive and is what costs much in the publishing process. However, you do not need to hire a designer to do the cover for you and you can opt to do it yourself. Another option would be to look for an upcoming designer and ask from there impute in exchange for some writing tasks.

Finally, you can save up on your publishing when printing and marketing your book. When it comes to printing you do not need to have readymade copies lying unused on the shelves. You can upload it on a website that offers printing services and a copy is only printed when a client asks for one. You can market your book yourself on social media and create contents to boost its readership. With this tips, you will have cut the costs of self-publishing your book. Read more here:


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